The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the (happy) few, or the one (dictator).

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the (happy) few, or the one (dictator).

End of year 2020  this site will get other urls !

Seeing the rise of autocrats, dick-traitors in the world, warmongers (P5 UNSC)

#removevetorightsunsc NOW!

a united world will not be before 2020 -2025, therefore site will

close end of  2020, and get other url

Now major upgrades are busy !!!

(see my reddits on this, on a.o.  and )

For time being, our online efforts to change the world will go on on 

to end the (religious) patriarchy that cripples the world.

And bring common sense back !

Also see other sites like dutch

AND OFC we never give up:

The Global Warming CO2 HOAX

More links, video's

And there's no need.
Everyone, all billions can prosper without hunger, thirst, war and with a future, income.
Cooperatism instead of corporatism.

Forget global warming for millions of years CO2 levels have FALLEN, levels have been 6-18 times present levels of 400 ppm, if level reaches 150 ppm, plants, insects and all life will DIE.

To start new world order, remove vetorights of UNSC P5 , the warmongers, who don't bring the world to PEACE but to PIECES.

Stop subsidies to ALL green- and other maffia NGO's.

Putting solar panels in 1,5-3 % of Sahara in AFrica (paid for by EU !) will make Sahara greener, and will generate 100-200% of entire world electricity needs, so all EU countries can have fare-free public transport, and Africa can get free electricity, public transport and new centers of prosperity and won't cost 3500 billion what was wasted last 50 years on "missionary help". Btw can also be done in south - America!

War Russia against Ukraine

When will they ever learn ???  Eve of destruction

Een volk dat voor tirannen zwicht, zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen, dan dooft het licht. (van Randwijk 1909-1966)
A nation that yields to tyrants, loses more than life and property, then the light goes out.(van Randwijk)

Info and news on


Live Ukraine news
Live TV Ukraine news
in english



When Russians came for Chechnya, i didn't speak out, I'm not Chechen !
When Russians came for Georgia, I didn't speak out, I'm not Georgian !
When Russians came for Ukraine, I didn't speak out, I'm not Ukrainian ?
When Russians came for my country,
there was no one left, to speak out for me !!!!!!!!!

SHARE it on Twitter, Facebook, others, sites !!

Clingendael : VS en EU doen
te weinig, te laat



Budapest Memorandum, US, UK & rusland? Merkel=Chamberlain, whats next?

Rusland or USSR

M O R E and even M O R E

Boycot barcode 46= Russia 729=Israel
NO VETOPOWERS for agressors USA-Russia-China (and UK and France) in United Nations Security Council !!!!

Where do ALL religions AND WAR come from?

See also Aeongoddess
From 833.000 BCE to 5500/3500 BCE !!!

See also this info why (present) patriarchal religions from 5500/3500 BCE are responsible
for ALL WARS, refugees, poverty, hunger and ALL domestic/sexual violence (against women mostly) in the world !!!

How to keep my computer safe (53 languages)

Hoe hou ik mijn computer veilig ?
How to keep my computer safe
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Name them, shame them,
those men are not really muslim.
Qur’an 24:30-31

War Israel against

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MH17 & Russia

BOYCOTT RUSSIA: barcode 46

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